[Resolved] Project Editor is not loading. We are investigating!

We are investigating an issue that is preventing the project editor from loading. To get updates, go to status.glitch.com.


Hello. I was coding some things, and suddently the editor refreshed and corrupted the entire file I was working on. Also, it seems like it isn’t recognising errors, even after refreshing a lot of times.

Anyone knows why?

You could try running rewind to restore the files.
(Search rewind in the project’s search bar)

Well, I eventually fixed it, but now it refreshed again, and now it throws this error: image


Wow! That’s odd. I saw it 10 minutes ago and I thought it was just me.


My Boosted project is not loading since a few hours. Idk why but I have a feeling it’s using a lot of CPU. I’m not sure about the cause and idk how to fix it. It is professional website btw

Website: https://usnd-unresponsive.glitch.me or https://usnd.net

A fast response from Official support would be appreciated.

Hi @Buggs!

Thanks for letting us know! We are investigating an issue that is preventing the editor for some projects to not load.

As soon as it is fixed, we will update status.glitch.com.

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I wonder if this is why ender bot is not outputting errors to sentry/console while ender was banned?

A fix is out, and the editor should begin working for folks now.


Hello all!

I am putting this banner back up since we are seeing new reports of a drop in project container availability.



Projects containers are down, keep getting 502/504 errors or infinite loading.


Anyone else having problems right now?
My projects are loading really slowly


Yeah man, same here - I’m either stuck on loading or get a 502 error


@noiyoi does the “show” button on the app preview not work for you as well?

It works but it is really slow. It takes almost 2 minutes to load my project.
Also the help centre at glitch.com/help seems to be down as well