[Resolved] Project Seems to be Wiped?


I logged in today to work on my project, and it looks like my project is completely gone. All of my pages are completely blank. I was last working on it on Saturday October 20 around 8:00 pm. The project name is fertile-recorder. Is there any way to get this restored?


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. First thing to know - we keep backups in addition to what the project does so we can restore. You should be able to roll-back the project yourself using the Rewind functionality - the two left arrow button to the side of the ‘status’ Button in the editor.

Maybe you already found this though? As when I’ve viewed the project it seems to have data in it. But if it’s still not the data you meant and you aren’t able to restore yourself, let us know and we’ll do it for you to a time of your choosing.


I have no idea how it fixed itself, but it does seem to all be there now! Thank you for the super fast reply!


Tengo el mismo problema, cambie el toke y no me deja entrar, el proyecto se llama “Stix-Bot”


¿Qué te hace pensar que es el mismo error? Todos tus proyectos parecen tener datos en ellos y está funcionando bien. Sin embargo, tiene un error de permisos: “DiscordAPIError: Missing Permissions”, que debe resolver con Discord.


No,ya vi una opción que decía “proyectos eliminados” le di click y cargo… apareció mi proyecto!! Estaba muy feliz,por que no quería comenzar de nuevo.