[Resolved] Projects are not serving requests

We are investigating an issue that is preventing projects from serving requests. This means that projects may not be visible when going to the live site. Updates will be provided at status.glitch.com.


Yes I am seeing the same thing on ALL my hosted boosted projects.

It seems the entirety of glitch, apart from status and support have gone down.
Before, I could edit my project fine, but now I’m getting 502 and other errors when I attempt to access ANYTHING.

glitch.com is down at the moment as well. we are working to bring it back up.


It just got back up for me

Update: Part of our infrastructure that is used for routing traffic to projects appears to be unhealthy. We are experimenting with provisioning fresh infrastructure to see if that resolves the issue.


Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

wow it somehow dropped to 0%

People should test their code using a different service like repl.it while Glitch is down.

Screenshot at Live URL:

Screenshot at glitch.com Main URL:

Almost there

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However, Fetching Project is not Work!

Edit: Opening Editor isn’t works too. Login may not work.

Update: Live URL is Working now. (Confirmed)

Edit: Glitch API seems like not Loaded Very well.
Edit: Glitch API Returns "yo"
Edit: Glitch API Becomes Not Operational
Edit: Glitch API Returns 502 Bad Gateway
Edit: Glitch API: Connection to is Refused
Edit: Glitch API Returns "yo" for 3rd Time

WARN: Glitch API returns Slow Response.

Update: Project can Woke Up (Confirmed)
Update: Glitch API sends 503 Error

Hello! Things are returning to fully operational. We will continue to monitor our system before marking this incident as resolved.


Cheers! Please pass my thanks to the engineers who worked on resolving this so quickly :slight_smile: