[Resolved] Projects loading slowly

Hello! We are looking into why projects are loading slowly or not at all. Incident updates will be posted on status.glitch.com.


I’ve checked the system status several times the past few hours and it always said that everything was fine, but when I try to do anything inside my Discord bot project (Load project, upload small images or execute any command) it either takes minutes or fails completely.

EDIT: Now I can’t even open the Terminal, because it just fails every single time.

Is anyone else experiencing something like this?

Also here’s something that has been on my mind lately:
I’m more than happy to shell out 10 bucks per month to ensure that I can keep the project up all the time, but first I’d like to not have to fix these daily issues by either lurking the forums or just remixing the project all the time, as I think that makes it kinda obsolete.

I know that Glitch was working hard to fix these technical issues a few weeks back, but since I can’t see a message above the forums anymore, I take it as that everything should be working as intended.

Here are some errors I keep getting for the past two hours, if it somehow helps

Me too


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I was able to find this, your requests seem to be taking too long.

This may have something to do with Glitch, so just wait it out for now. You can also contact support@glitch.com.

Also,i am suffering from this state too.And have to move my project because my bot users can not wait FOR HOURS GLİTCH’S LOADING TIME.

Glitch was never meant for hosting those anyway, try vercel, evennode, your own vps instead

Self hosting is also worth trying out.

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it definitely is now, especially with the “Discord Help” forum category and “Always Alive” option for boosted apps.

Hello editor does not open, does not open in the project


Why is everything so slow… My project wont even load half the time

It also says that glitch is unable to connect to your project currently and to contact support

im having the same problem right now unfortunately

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im getting 504 Gateway Time-out’s!



I’m seeing random but brief down-time across all my projects right now.

Edit: Also getting a connection error when trying to connect to the editor of some projects. @glitch_support

Mines also slow, but if it does load, it can’t render files. It shows something like this:


:thinking: Looks like the files got corrupted somehow.

Yeah, I think everything I load is just corrupted
Edit: and slow