[Resolved!] Update on the current Glitch outage

Hey folks- I can confirm we are having an outage right now. Our engineers are working on figuring out what’s going on. You can check on things at https://status.glitch.com‬. We’re sorry for the downtime and hope to be back soon.


Update from https://status.glitch.com/incidents/h1cs5tt5f9t1 :

We are still working on getting back up and running. Projects are slowly becoming available - Thank you for your patience.


I hope it will be back so soon too :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Another update- individual projects should be available now, we’re still working on getting the glitch.com site back online. If your project isn’t loading, it may take a few more minutes for things to restore. Thanks for your patience!

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I’ve tried visiting community.glitch.com (which is the main Glitch site I think) and I just get stuck on an infinite page refresh loop.

Follow up:

It looks like Glitch is failing to establish a secure WebSocket connection.

Attempting to connect throws an error:

EDIT: It appears that the Glitch loading page on all projects depend on the WebSocket which a connection couldn’t be made.

This is a problem that occurs from time to another on any Glitch project. It mostly occurs due to errors on the startup of the project

It can be easily solved by going to the project’s console and typing refresh which will restart your project.

But unfortunately, the Glitch.com site is still unreachable, you have to wait for it to access the console of your project.

EDIT: It looks like I’ve understood wrongly, but http://community.glitch.me/ isn’t an official community for Glitch, is it? It’s just a normal Glitch project.

community.glitch.me is the main Glitch website. At the bottom of the main Glitch site there is a button/link saying that the site is hosted on Glitch.

EDIT: To strengthen my point I managed to find this on a web archive

All my projects are online, in regards to http://community.glitch.me/ , well, at least we can enjoy this:


http://glitch.com is back up for me too.
Everything is normal

Glitch is back online!

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Obviously folks in here have noticed, but glitch.com is back online! We’re monitoring things to make sure it’s stable and will stay up.


If you see anything out of the ordinary on the site, be sure to let us know. Thanks again for all your patience <3


This: https://glitch.com/help/custom-domain/#mydomainnameregistrarneedsanipaddress is not loading for me yet
/help seems to be ded

@Excigma Works for me, just takes years to load

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loads instantly, and returns this:

Gives the same as the above.

Works for me like it did for @Callum-OKane.

Seemed to take about 1minute to load agh. Could be an AWS issue.

EDIT: Appears to be an issue with the project itself.


My project is still having issues and is loading inconsistently while the Glitch editor is completely unusable and appears as a blank page, plus if I try to load glitch.com/help on a tab it will load for long time, then give me a 504.

I had over 10 emails from UptimeRobot complaining my projects were down agh. Thankfully, they’re back up now!

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