[Resolved!] Update on the current Glitch outage

loads instantly, and returns this:

Gives the same as the above.

Works for me like it did for @Callum-OKane.

Seemed to take about 1minute to load agh. Could be an AWS issue.

EDIT: Appears to be an issue with the project itself.


My project is still having issues and is loading inconsistently while the Glitch editor is completely unusable and appears as a blank page, plus if I try to load glitch.com/help on a tab it will load for long time, then give me a 504.

I had over 10 emails from UptimeRobot complaining my projects were down agh. Thankfully, they’re back up now!

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I’m still receiving emails from UptimeRobot for one of my projects saying that it goes down for about a minute and then comes back up - the logs in uptime robot show a 404 error, but there’s nothing unusual in the log in Glitch.
This started since the outage this morning

Can you provide the name of the project that is having this problem!

sure, its https://dailyworkout.glitch.me/
Seems to be working fine, but UptimeRobot disagrees

My projects are going to sleep immediately. After doing one or two requests in 10 seconds it shows “Waking up…” for a short time. Does it again and again as compared to 5 minutes (I do have uptimerobot as well.)

I’m still receiving emails every 10-15 minutes saying that my sites down, and then another one 2 minutes later saying its back up, but only for this project

Hello, @Database, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you let me know the project name you’re having problems with?

Hey @alexclifton4 I’ve moved your dailyworkout project to a different host to see if there was still a lingering problem from this morning’s outage. Let me know how things look and I apologize for the bother!

Hi, thanks but it hasn’t worked :frowning:
I’ve started a new thread

Hey, did you guys find out the cause of the issue?

I’m still experiencing some issues on my main project. Users have been reporting 404 errors since about the time this outage began (though it some seem to occasionally get through). I can log in and see the project editor just fine, but the console won’t come up – that’s giving me 404 errors as well.

Edit: I remixed my project like suggested here, and that seems to have resolved my issues. It does appear to me that the outage had caused something extra to break, though.

The projects seem to be up and running most of the time. I am getting random 404 errors on a POST to one of my endpoints. I am able to in my external code determine that and ask the peep to enter the text again (Chatbot) - resubmit and it seems to work fine the second time. It will go a few requests and then get another 404. Just wanted to let you know.

I’m also getting 404 errors. No code changes, it just suddenly can’t load my CSS.

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t.

URL: https://getjola.me

I’m still getting 404’s this morning - there’s more details about my issue here Random 404 errors

Hey folks we’ve been continuing to see intermittent problems with 404 pages across a few projects and have continued to troubleshoot the problem. I’m going to move all of the other disparate topics regarding this issue into a new topic to try to keep them together.