[Resolved] We're experiencing increased latencies that may cause projects to not load

Projects may be loading slowly or not loading at all during this time. Our team is working on a fix. You can subscribe to notifications about this incident by going to support.glitch.com

Container status is low:
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 11.10.42 AM
From status.glitch.com

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Thank you @RiversideRocks!

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So this explains the issues. I wasn’t getting any 504 errors like other people, but I noticed my TTFB time was nearly a minute, so just a super slow response.

Oddly, this is just the website aspect of my project. Everything else is working fine.

also having timeouts / extremely slow loading on my site. server seems to start fine, but website doesn’t load.

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Thanks @RiversideRocks!

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It’s incredibly annoying how often these apps go down. I had boost last month but cancelled it and moved my projects somewhere else because of this downtime.

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Seems to be back up!

My project is still taking a long time to load. My project name is champs.glitch.me

seams to be laggy again :expressionless:

It seems like another little hiccup.
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 12.48.23 PM

yeah it seems that it’s down again

yepo, im just waiting here 10 mins for me to edit the docs of discord.js documentation website

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Taking some time to load…

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Glitch just created an incident, check the status page.


Help my project says maintenance in the title and keeps refreshing. software-engineer.glitch.me and when it does load it’s all wacked up without the background or icon and no javascript! same with glitch.com/help

Looks like there’s a site outage right now, this page should show when it’s back up https://status.glitch.com/

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haulellujah. Thanks so much!