Responsive image project container


Lol, xD

How i think, making top bar (with project details and “Show” button) more responsive will resolve this.

Where is "bug" option when creating new topic?:no_mouth:

UPD: Image size: 570x2025. Tried 3000px height, but got a server error


We don’t have a specific “bug” category, because often when someone thinks they’ve found a bug they’ve actually found undocumented but intentional behavior. Or they haven’t found the bug they thought they found. This is the right place for any of those possibilities.

This seems like a case where the behavior is unexpected. I’ll do some testing and take this to the team, but my suspicion is that what’s happening is that we’re not appropriately handling images that don’t fit the dimensions we’re expecting. When I look at the image in that project I see this:


Is that what you were actually uploading, or were you using something else and we already munged it somehow? If the latter, can you provide the actual image so I can use it for testing?

Thanks for the report!


Yes, I just had the idea to upload a big image and - oops! - something happend. And yes, i didn’t use any program to broke image or smth.

Actual image

I think you can upload any size until server will get timeout error. Maybe, you can upload 1px X >5000px and that will cause some problems with page loading (idk)


1095x7548 pixels. (104KB)


I’ve made a solution:
Used object-fit: cover