Restore file whose contents were deleted?


Hi there, I mistakenly deleted the contents of a file in one of my projects. Is there any way to recover the contents?


Yes, we can probably get that back for you. What’s the project/filename, and around what time did you delete it?


Hey Tim, thanks! The project is called trellocity and i probably erased the file, server.js, around 9-10 this morning. also erased but thats not as important as server.js. thanks!


Okay, it’s back. Also, posts must be > 20 characters :slight_smile:


Great, thank you! Looking forward to revision history as a feature :slight_smile:


I would also like to restore a file that I accidentally deleted (it’s a bit too easy to click on the wrong button in this UI)

Its in the file skills/android_stuff.js in project meteor-property, was deleted today at around 1:15 PM CET



If you message me a join link (click on my name), then I can restore the file for you.


Sorry but I don’t find any way to send a private message to someone, where can I find this?


Click on my name and use the message button.


When I click your name a pop is opened showing your badges and stuff, but I really don’t see any message button. Could it be that I don’t have permission for this?


Ok, instead email it to me


Ok, it should be back now


Hi!! I am having the same problem – I deleted it today around 21:36 and the file’s name is branch-kitty. Could someone please help me out?


Hi @okansper,

I’ve restored the project content to the backup we took Sep 17 at 20:33 – around 1 hour earlier than when you deleted that file.