Restore project after github import


Hello, I accidentally imported a github repo not realizing (or reading) that it would overwrite the current project. Is it possible to restore it? project id is ‘puppet-master’



Do you have an approximate time the project you want should be restored from? Thanks


Thank you! I think it happened around 3:45pm EDT (15 mins before my post)


Looks like you’re back in business.


Hi Tim and guys,

I hope that you could help me as well. I have the same problem as markmk. I think there is no point in making another topic for this issue, but I beg you to help me out here. My project’s id is andrews-image-se-fcc. If you could restore it to its state before 5:30 pm today, I would be very grateful!

Looking forward to you reply.

With respect,


Excuse me for disturbing you, but maybe you can help me with my problem? It will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Sure, mail me a join link


I’ve restored the project for you!

Sorry for the trouble

Same issue up with me…
Accidentally imported wrong github project thats why all my data is gone.

It would be really awesome to have restored it to old sate.

Thanks in advance

And well the time all this happened is approximately 20 minutes before this post.

Found a backup which is not exactly latest, but its fine to get moving from this point of backup.