Retore? deleted glitch app


hi my name is apostolos and for some reason my app got deleted the app name if i remember corect is w1ndzbot2 can you restore it plz


Hello @apostoloskotsiras,

Can you provide your username for the glitch website (


and when im going to library


Can you send me that in text, and not a screenshot.


Hey @apostoloskotsiras, welcome to the Glitch forum!

It looks to me like you’ve run into a small user profile bug that I’ve passed on to the rest of the team. In the meantime I can restore your project to get you over the immediate hurdle except I can’t find that project. Can you think of a different domain it might have had?


i find it with other way the name is w1ndzbot bot the other projects ?


Ah ok, that one doesn’t appear to be deleted, so do you have what you need?


Yes to fix the bag with library


Hello @apostoloskotsiras just wanted to let you know our team fixed the bug with unicode user names, so you profile atΑποστολοςΚοτσιρας should work again. Sorry for the bother!