Reveal.js Starter kit

Reveal.js is presentation framework. Basically, PowerPoint, with HTML/JavaScript. It even supports Markdown!

I have made and setup Reveal.js as template on glitch. There are two versions:

  • The full version (rendered on server, very slow - up to 30s load time🐢* )
  • The static version (rendered on client, fast - <5 second load time🐇*)

Full: (!/remix/hello-revealjs-full)
Static: (!/remix/hello-revealjs-static)
Learn more here!

(Note, I tested these speeds on Satellite internet, so your speeds may be faster!)


It looks real cool.

totally not trying to make google drive 2.0 right now

edit: oh it is a template

You could run it on Google Drive, as long as you have the right software.

No I was literally saying making my own google slides/drive

I’ve already done that kind of stuff for personal and my company (youngchief btw ツ Inc.)


Google Drive is only the storage backend for things iirc, Google Docs/Slides/Sheets/… are google apps that store files in drive.
Google Drive clones already exist with pretty similar ui like this which is pretty good except for some sizes are wrong.