Reverse proxy error 504


Does glitch use reverse proxies? Because I have a web server (ip:port) to retrieve information about a specific log and I always get error 504 gateway timeout.
The author of the bot told me it has something to do with glitch using reverse proxies or not.


I’m not sure exactly what your contact means, but yes, your access to your project is limited to specific ports. It can only be accessed over ports 80 and 443 over the web, and only one local port is exposed to those external ports (generally port 3000, but that changes under some circumstances - the environment variable PORT contains the current port).

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any more questions.


ah okay! thanks for the information


Hey there. switching my port to 80 bringed up an error ‘Web server error: listen EACCES: permission denied’ Any ideas?


Good start though since it’s actually receiving the request but it cannot send a response


And when using the domain (https://(project) bringed up an error (Cannot GET /logs/3b15eebc-9710-4b2a-8225-d91915fff549)