Revisions of files added to project as 'folder/{ id }'

NOTE: this whole post has been updated to reflect the current issue as new information came to light. I apologize for not looking into this more before posting.

Opened my private project today and it looked like all of the files have been renamed.

When I exported to project it looked similar, although it became clear that the original files were still there. It looks like the new files are old revisions of the files I have in my project. Locally, I could delete the new files and run the project. I am trying to delete all of the new files in the glitch editor.

I’ll find out what those files are, but for now a quick way to hide all those files rather than deleting from the editor tree would be to add the components folder in a .gitignore file, like components/*

I’ve just double-checked and we don’t store revisions like that ourselves. Without seeing your project it’s difficult to pinpoint the specific cause, but it’s likely one of the modules you’re using producing them. In which case, the .gitignore suggestion above is still the best way to deal with it.

Files created from within your project aren’t shown in the editor until a refresh event, so that might explain why you might not have seen the files straight away on using the module.

I don’t see my .gitignore file anymore. Is there a limit to how many files the editor will show at one time?

Yes, that’s right -

Here are my steps:

  1. created a .gitignore file
  2. added components/*
  3. no affect on the files, so I refreshed the browser
  4. files are still there, .gitignore file is hidden

I have a local copy of the project now. I might try loading that into github and then back into glitch.

DM me a join link and I can take a look

Ugh, noob question. How do you dm?

You click on the person’s face and select message. I’ve sent you one to reply to.

The problem looks like an incorrectly configured build script. It’s spewing copies of your files back into many of the project’s subfolders. These extra files filled the container, preventing you from being able to add the .gitignore. The script is continuing to create these new files, so I suggest resolving that before reimporting from GitHub, otherwise the same result will likely happen in your new project.

Your project is still generating new files so we’ve suspended it for now. If you need more help fixing it up, then let us know.