Revisions to the Status / Logs pane and Container stats



Hey folks we’ve just released a couple of small changes to the editor user interface that you’re sure to notice:

  1. We renamed the Status button back to Logs, which we think more clearly represents the primary purpose of the pane that button reveals. You can still open an in-place console in that pane by using the Console button, and the full page console is still available in the Advanced Options.
  2. In keeping with that change, we moved the Stats to their own pane, which can be revealed using a new Container Stats button in the Project Name menu under the Advanced Options button. That pane also outlines some details about the current set of technical restrictions.

We hope you’ll agree that these changes make things more clear, and as always we welcome your comments, thoughts, and feelings!

Keep stat bars in original logs area - for "glancability" and less "panel clutter"

Can i use the cpu thing for stats command on my bot?


You certainly can but I’m not sure there’s a way to access that information externally - I haven’t dug into how that’s being updated yet.


Hey @cori, it would be cool if there were still the 3 simple little status bar things next to the console button (as well as, perhaps more detailed stats in the dedicated panel). It’s nice to be able to keep an eye on the stats as I’m watching the logs, and having a whole separate panel open just takes up a whole lot of extra screen space and makes it hard to keep an eye on things when I’m debugging stuff. The previous approach was nice and compact and easy to glance at. Just my opinion though! Maybe there are good reasons to not have those 3 little bars there.

Looking forward to being able to enable the “always on” thing! Hoping that the pricing is friendly for people just playing around with little bots and random stuff (:crossed_fingers:), but also has a healthy enough margin to keep glitch around for a long long time!


Hey @joe thanks for the comments! I can understand where you’re coming from regarding the status bar gauges. As I understand it one of the goals for the change was to make things clearer for new users - “Status” was kind of mishmash of information but “Logs” more clearly outlines what that pane is for. You comments would make for a really good Feature Idea that other folks could see, though!

Friendly and Sustainable are definitely among our pricing goals!