Rewind with Commit Message

My understanding is that rewind snapshots currently happen automatically, and there isn’t a way to explicitly save a project at a particular point.

I’d love to be able to manually create snapshots and a corresponding commit message, for example when I have a particular part of my application working that might want to revert to in the future.

Is there a way of doing this that I don’t know of?

Hi @scientiffic :slight_smile:

You can manually do a git commit, and that’s the snapshot Rewind uses :slight_smile:

@etamponi oh, got it! thanks! (:

You can’t do that through the UI yet, but you could clean up your git history in the console. Don’t do this if you’ve already sent these commits somewhere else, like GitHub or another repo, or the repos will be out of sync. You can run the git rebase command to squash commits together and edit the commit message.

More info here:

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@Tim, I have an other solution. You could use a browser extension to add a button that will squash all commits and change the message, once the form has been filled you can use WebSockets to connect to the console and squash all commit’s created by Glitch (project-name) into one commit with the author being the name of the account (eg. Bob Pickle) and a custom commit message.