Rewinding Not Working

Rewinding is not working, the rewind loads but it won’t show the button to do so!

Hi! Have you checked your internet connection?

Same for me its not my internet either…

Hmm, if you are getting this issue, reach out to

How long could that take I’m getting commission for this?

Maybe up to a day or two, how come?

Yep, i’m experiencing the same problem

Not the internet it the problem

You should do this in that case ^^^^

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You should contact Glitch about this, maybe your disk space is full?

Didn’t @RiversideRocks just say that?

No, maybe the project’s disk space is full; by this you cannot rewind.

But you said to contact support just like Riverside did? Why repeat?

I had this exact same issue for the past 3 days, it seems like rewind is now working for me.

That’s good! Should I mark this as solved?