RickRoll like a pro

Visiting https://tuckers.tech will take you to the project.

Recently I created a way to rickroll like a pro. Send your friends to a RickRoll that looks like a tech blog.

How to use:

BASE URL: https://tuckers.tech/trending/top/

Use the ID parameter to use the RickRoll you want

?id=1 —> Redirects instantly

?id=2 —> Asks the user to scan a QR code (which is a RickRoll)

?id= —> Shows the user a fake loading page and takes them to the video in 2 seconds.

Example of a url that would show a qr code:

When any tab is clicked, it goes to a fake 500 page that shows a random error. Enjoy!


I know a cool rick roll maker called:
you should check it out

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Nice I know a discord that might appreicate these: https://technews.glitch.me/AI/RiversideRocks-creates-Famous-Program/dQw4w9WgXcQ

2 billion IQ rick roll.