Rizck - coming soon - free e-books

@anon70439135 is the new project owner. They may post a new thread for this.


@disc-boop398 i like the idea! can i help you!

Sure @anon70439135! Go to the website, then go to the little text linking to the code, and request to join the project, and I’ll accept it once my editor loads. (i dont need to background check you, i know you well enough)

okay thanks!

@disc-boop398 i am requesting edit access


I like the idea, but to be honest there are so many other websites providing free books and knowledge, whether made for the site itself or in the public domain and making one from the ground up and expecting people to move from sites like Google books that have many free books available and other knowledge sites will be hard

Hi! This idea seems great! if you wish to find sources for ebooks then check out internet archive- they offer ebooks in pdf formats which could be easily added to the site!


Who had the guts to shame the name of rizck? It’s rizck, not Risick.

I thought your leaving the fourm @disc-boop398

I had a project idea and Glitch was the only website that I saw fit for the job of holding it.

Is there a problem and why does the original post say that it belongs to @anon70439135? I’m confused…:thinking:

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I’ll DM you what happened @khalby786

Rizck is looking for more devolpers!!

NOTE: rizck is now a devolping tutorial site

@anon70439135 is the new project owner. They may post a new thread for this, but I do not want this current thread continued, as it is no longer free e-books and is now a developing tutorial website.