[Rolledback] Paid Plans Leaked!

@glitch_support Um, It says pricing but when I click on it I get an error. You can view it by going to https://glitch.com/ then scrolling down. I’m not sure if this is a bug report or what? This is the page it leads too! https://glitch.com/pricing (Going to the page will give a 404 Page Not Found) image Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 9.02.05 AM

There is nothing leaked here, glitch team have always said there will be plans in the future and I am sure whatever you clicked to get to the pricing page was just put there so when paid plans do get released then they won’t have to add that!


@Callum-OKane Adding something to a page before it get’s released makes it confusing for new Glitch users when they get to a 404 Page.

We are aware that this page is not working at the moment - sorry for any confusion. It is a holding place for things to come… stay tuned!

@tasha Was this deployed too early? Are paid plans coming today?

Paid plans are very unlikely to come today.

I’ve renamed this topic to avoid misleading support forum users.

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No need to rename it! @charliea21

Finally, now let’s hope it’s not overpriced

Let’s hope for that!

Update: Seems like Glitch has rolled it back.

The following has been rolledback as of 12:00 PM EST.