Rolling back my project?


Hi, first time using github, have no idea what I’m doing, messed up my project entirely, don’t know how to do a rollback, can an administrator do it for me if it’s possible?


Hi @AquaticFish, you may be able to recover your work using Glitch Rewind as described here. If that doesn’t help you sort things out we may be able to recover from a backup - I"ll just need to know your project name.

Hope this helps!


Can’t find the rewind button… It’s not on the project… I might’ve messed something up and deleted the old one… The name of it is “aegis”, it’s a private project

If you can’t do anything about it then let me know, I have a backup of it on my local PC


AH, sorry about that - that document is a little out of date. The Rewind button can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen like this:

Let me know if that helps. If not I’ll get you a list of backups that we could restore.


Yeah I think I deleted my old project… The rollbacks only date to a few minutes, I’m pretty much retarded at this…


Any way to restore if it’s deleted, VIA a backup?


Hey @AquaticFish if you look at your profile page you should see a list of your deleted projects. If you find the one you’re looking for you should be able to “undelete” it.

It would be at the bottom of and look something like this:



Thanks! You helped me out so much.