Ruby on Rails App Not Working

My Ruby on Rails app is not working. It says that this is most likely a code error (why does it say that instead of bug?) in my project but I do not think so as there is another app ( with almost the same code (which is my project’s parent) and runs fine. I got this error once and error 504 twice. Could anyone please help me?
Thank you.

did you remix this project and set it up correctly?

Yes, I think so. I only changed “private: true” to “private: false” in package.json.


Does it say anything in the logs?

You mean in the console log? No, it does not show anything special.

This happened to me in the past… I suppose you could contact

Let me just ping them. @glitch_support

They don’t answer on the forum, email is your best bet.

Huh? But they said that I could also ping them here.

Staff don’t respond much on the forums anymore.

Okay. Let me wait.

For the staff on the forum or on the email?

For the staff on the forum.

Look, you should just send an email because in the last month the staff responded to a user post once. You should really just contact them by email, you will get a response there.

But if you want to wait thats fine.

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Okay but I am still not changing my plan.

someone emails for him

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Um, thank you, I guess?

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just let the thread die and by revived by a staff member 2 months later


Just looking out for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: