Run a REMI (remote interface) with py3 on glitch : won't start

I would like to run a “remi” app on glitch …
see :!/remi-guy?

But something is wrong, and the server won’t start (it loops) …
remi embed its own (non async) webserver …

Is there a place, on the FS, where I can see what is blocking the start ?

Do you get any errors in the Glitch editor Logs ?

If you get this error,

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘remi’

Its because the glitch.json is ignoring .txt files, but it needs to pick up remi module from requirements.txt

If you added remi, then subsequently ignored .txt, this won’t be an issue.

By default the remi server is picking other port numbers, but the python server needs to match the glitch container env PORT which currently is 3000

Try add this to your server config


thanks @mishavee

I’ve already try the idea of the port … with no luck.
But … You give me the idea : the embbeded server listening to I’ve set it to (wide)
ANd it was the trick !
SO now, remi seems to work on glitch :wink:

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