Run your Glitch server 24/7 — an easy way to ping it every minute :)

I created an express app that listens to an SSE stream and forwards events, so it needs to be running 24/7. Since Glitch servers go to sleep after 5 minutes, I created a Pipedream workflow to ping my server every minute to keep it awake. I’m sharing it here in case anyone else finds it useful – just copy the workflow, add your server endpoint and deploy (I created a custom route in my Glitch server at /wakeup to catch these requests). The workflow code runs on Pipedream’s servers.

Let me know if you have any feedback!

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I mean you could’ve used uptime robot, or have a chromebook ping the address (I do that at school). I mean this seems like a more advanced way. Definitely would suggest if you are advanced.

You could even keep the Glitch console running


replace with your hostname

which should work, haven’t tried it

Thanks for the feedback! My issue with uptime robot is that the free service only pings your server every 5 minutes (there could be some gaps, including when Glitch stops your server every 24 hours). You can ping your server every minute for free with Pipedream.

Also, I assume the chromebook option will only work while it’s running. The workflow I shared runs on Pipedream’s servers, so it runs 24/7.

It’s also really easy to activate – just click the copy button, add your server URL to the form, and then click the button at the bottom of the page to deploy to Pipedream’s servers :slight_smile:

I also like using Awake as it will keep itself online with pinging itself

Thanks for the suggestion @youngchief_btw. I don’t think that continues to ping my server 24/7 though, right? I think you need to do that from a service external to Glitch. Let me know if you think I’m wrong!

looking at the code it does it every minute, not trying to make your solution look bad but there are other ones, that to me is easier

also, Glitch doesn’t care about it being an external server or not

I almost mis read your reply lol