Running a Solanum IRC server on Glitch

Project URL:

I got Solanum to run on Glitch. It doesn’t work very well for some reason (It gives a “failed to start application on” error a lot of the time), but it works occasionally. I have it connected to my WebSocket IRC network, but it’d be easy to use it as a standalone IRC server instead, although you’d probably not have enough disk space for network services on Glitch.

About my network

Most IRC networks require people who want to link a server to either donate a server (and give them exclusive root access), which defeats the purpose of linking one, because you don’t get any input in the network (like, or prefer complete anarchy and are hostile toward anyone who wants to have network services. Additionally, most (including Libera) require hardware specifications that make it impossible for anyone to link a server without spending large amounts of money. As an alternative, my network has accepted low-end servers from the start. Linking a server can be as simple as creating an account on Replit or Glitch, cloning the Solanum GitHub repository, building Solanum, installing websocat, and talking to an operator. The network has had frequent netsplits from the start, so running a server on a laptop would be completely fine. I’m hoping that my network can help lower the barrier to entry for individuals to run an IRC server.

Various webchats that can be used to access the network

Kiwi IRC logoKiwi IRC
The Lounge webchat

Libera’s requirements for donating a server (to compare)

If you want to link a server, PM me on here or IRC (My nick is _9pfs ), or use MemoServ to send a message to _9pfs on either or my IRC network. I’m open to discussions for potentially linking servers, even if you want to run one on a laptop (or a web-based virtual machine), so feel free to ask!