Running out of disk space

If you run enable-pnpm in the console that should fix you Disk Space issue (hopefully). However, for your memory and CPU usage, that issue is either caused by your code or some libraries/modules.

@Romoslayer were you able to address your disk space issue?

no i tried git prune and gc and i still have 95% disk space being used


Hey @Romoslayer if you provide your project name someone can take a look.

The project name is romobot and if someone could help that would be great thanks.

Hey @Romoslayer, you’re basically out of disk space in that project. When I run du -hd1 in the project’s console I see that most of that space is taken up with your .git folder, so following the steps in Glitch full disk error will likely be helpful.

I’ve granted your project additional space for 24 hours to give you the free space you’ll need to work through those steps. Let us know if you run into other problems.

Great thanks i cleared my disk space and its at 2 thanks for the help

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Hello, my project have disk space on 95% and i cant get it down
and i aiready run this commands from console
rm -rf .git git prune and git gc
and still stuck on 95%, from this i cant edit my project

it may cause if you use npm to install modules try to uninstall all npm modules and install node modules using pnpm ex - pnpm i express

i will try this, thanks

i getting this error

try to delete node_modules by typing

rm -rf node_modules

after that try

pnpm i

i getting this now

check your files you have uploaded something huge file

i have this files

shrinkwrap.yaml (73k)
package-lock.json (95k)
bots.json (150k)

other files is 1k

can you add me to your project so i can help you out

Run cd ~ && du -hs $(ls -A) in your terminal. Copy and paste the results.

35K api
5.0K .bash_history
5.0K bot
149K bots.json
1.6M .cache
116K commands
5.0K .config
3.0K config.js
1.0K .data
1.0K .env
32K events
1.0K .gitignore
14K .glitch-assets
8.0K json.sqlite
1.0K lib
0 .node-gyp
0 node_modules
1.0K .node_repl_history
30M .npm
1.0K .npm-global
1.0K .npmrc
20K old
2.0K package.json
96K package-lock.json
0 pnpm-debug.log
151M .pnpm-store
1.0K .prettierrc
23K public
7.0K routes
26K server.js
74K shrinkwrap.yaml
11K test
1.0K watch.json

correct now, i dont trust you, but if i will see is the only way, i will talk with the second owner of the project if we can add you

Hm. As you might be able to tell, the two largest folders in your directory are .npm and .pnpm-store which are reported to be 30 MB and 151 MB in size, respectively. Given the nature of your issue being somewhat elementary, I assume you did not architecture your application in a manner outside of the ordinary that may have caused the folders to become large.

In any manner, my suggestion is to remove both of them. Due to the way projects run on Glitch, there is no need for either of them based on my knowledge of what they likely contain. If you would like, I can go into detail to explain.

In order to remove both of those folders, simply run cd ~ && rm -rf .npm .pnpm-store. It should immediately result in a significant amount of space being freed up.

I apologize if this post is confusing or jumbled. I’m having difficulty writing my thoughts out in a coherent manner. Hopefully my proofreading helped.