Running out of Storage Space

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I was just scrolling through some of my glitch applications, when I noticed that my main application’s storage suddenly skyrocketed to 183.9 mb (, I have done git prune and git gc, but they’ve both failed to downsize my storage by a significant amount, I’d be wondering what I can do to help fix this.

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Howdy Cartar! To fix your issue put rm -rf .git in the console, that will clear your .git file (supposing you dont need it to backup something)
But that will only help for now, the issue might happen again, but this might be something else so if my way doesn’t work a Glitch Mod should be on soon too help you out.

Hey! @TeaCup it seems to have worked so far.

It has decreased my disk by 100 mb.

Hey @Cartar, deleting the .git directory has the unfortunate side-effect of making it so you can’t use Rewind and is generally unnecessary, and if the problem is caused by regularly-changing files (which is the most common cause of that issue) then the problem will just come back eventually.

Glitch full disk error shows the steps required to more completely resolving this issue. It’s hard to say now that your original .git directory is gone, but my guess is that git prune; git gc wasn’t working because you didn’t have enough free space to execute those commands, which we typically help out with by granting a temporary disk expansion.

Hope this helps!

@cori I see, should’ve probably waited for a staff answer, although I’ll read the guide and see if I can permanently fix the issue.

@cori Actually, I think I see why the Disk space is increasing so quickly. I believe it is due to the app refreshing on change, although I have that disabled and have a watch.json in place it still manages to restart. (Sourced from

I reckon a fix for this problem would be the end to my Disk problem.

EDIT: I've managed to fix the problem.


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