Running Parse Server on HyperDev


Project URL:!/project/canyon-glass

This project demonstrates hosting Parse Server in HyperDev. It’s assumed you have a Mongo DB instance to point at, but a free account at mLab will also do.

See more documentation here:


Thanks for providing these @AndrewLane! Very cool. I’ll be using them as the basis of an upcoming Parse tutorial on our blog soon.

I’ve created versions of the server, dashboard and added a To-do app. They’re essentially the same, just with some more instructions in the readme and removing unnecessary files.

With these, you could simplify the instructions in your linked Wiki articles - for Parse Server, step 2 could just be to remix our example project using the URL:!/remix/ParseServer/bd480ea2-8578-4c05-8924-41328b922d16

Same with steps 1 and 2 of the Parse Dashboard instructions - that could be to remix the dashboard project with the URL:!/remix/ParseDashboard/7c96ce5b-c85b-41f9-b2fa-174f7d7475b8

I’d submit these changes myself, but it looks like you need to be a contributor first.


I considered the remix option. However, I was wanting to provide users with a way to make sure they get the “latest and greatest” parse code, as opposed to whatever version the existing HyperDev project has. I don’t think it makes sense for someone to have to babysit the HyperDev projects that will be remixed to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest versions. Thoughts on that?


I thought about that too, but all that’s in the project is the initialization code and definition of a few routes. I don’t think there’s likely to be significant change that the majority of people will need to use and would make sense for a template setup project. And if there is, we’d want to update the tutorials and project files to reflect that anyway.


Yeah, you’re right. Anyway, as far as updating the docs on the Parse Server wiki, I realized with this effort that there’s no easy way to do a pull request on the wiki of a repo.

I ended up googling “pull request wiki github” and following the directions in the Stack Overflow article. I would post a link but this forum is saying I’m a new user and can’t post more than 2, which I find odd. The Parse team has been very responsive to issues and pull requests, so feel free to make these updates.

Thanks, and I look forward to checking out the blog post.


By the way, the to-do list app doesn’t appear to be working as of now. Looks like in public/js/todos.js, the Parse.serverURL is hard-coded and maybe it should be an environment variable instead?


You have to be a repo collaborator/committer to be able to make changes to that Wiki, otherwise, I would have submitted PRs already.

You can’t use environment variables in the front-end code, at least not without adding a bunch of complexity. So in the readme and the corresponding tutorial, it says to replace the values with your own in todos.js.


What I did was clone the wiki repo, pushed my changes to it, then opened up an issue and asked them to merge the changes (linking them to my “fork” of the wiki repo). A very rudimentary pull request :-).


Ah ok, I’ll give that a go! Thanks


@Gareth I can’t seem to find your blog post about this anymore. Do you know where it went?


It’s now embedded as part of the Parse-Server project - see in!/project/parse-server