Same email for facebook and github but user is not merged

I logged in with Facebook initially and created a project to mess around with. I then signed out and re-login with github, but it seems that I have a new user id now. It is different than the one before and the projects I created are no longer there.

Is this an intended behaviour?

Hi @nurmuhammadsirat,

yes, this is intended, we don’t merge accounts automatically. To merge them, you can sign in with Facebook again, then in the menu Project -> Advanced Options, you can “Add your GitHub account”, and your two accounts will be merged :slight_smile:

Ah got it. Thanks @etamponi! Appreciate the fast response! :smiley:

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At the moment, I also need to do the same. I am unable to find the “add your github account” option, most probably it has moved somewhere else. Could you please tell where is it?

Hi @bil-ash, I think you’re looking for the option you can see in

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, I was able to solve the issue.

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Hey there - sorry, @cori that link no longer works for me and simply takes me to a 404 page. Any other solutions please? Thank you

Hi there,
cori isn’t that active on the forums right now, so I imagine pinging @glitch_support can get you some extra help on this. I have had a route around the Glitch, the Account Settings page and the Help Centre and can’t seem to find anything relating to this. It may now require a staff member to do this for you, so I recommend emailing (or creating a ticket on the Help Centre) from the same email you account(s) are on, so they can process this for you or let you know where the option is if it has changed. If you do find a solution, please send it here, so others with similar queries can find the solution too!
Hope this helps :slight_smile: