Save arrays with js

No, it’s not socketio, i made it with js

My dear @LankyBox01, that is NOT a static website. That is a dynamic page, it uses Node.js.

I asked you and now you’re asking me. How wonderful.

Are you sure you made it?

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yes, i made it, but most of the code is just the default glitch express dream list thingy.

It is not. It is using an SQLite database. And it’s clearly written in the README.


listen, i just added css and a button. k?
It is just a remix of the default glitch dream list project

That’s the ~hello-sqlite project.

I’ll make it more clear for you.

It uses SQLite which is a database system to store all the stuff.

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apparently i get the same dream list with express.

Express is a routing framework. Not a database.

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But i get the same thing, try it!

Which project? ~hello-express?


In hello-express,

  • the project is not a static site
  • the data stored is temporary, it’ll be cleared when the container restarts or goes to sleep. Basically after 5 mins of inactivity.

oh, ok. I’ll find other methods

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You could try the hello-commento starter that I made.

It’s a simple comment system.


Thanks for the suggestion!
Oh, i need to pay… no thanks!

No you don’t need to.


Huh? What?

It’s open source…


why does it say “30-day trial”?

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