Save arrays with js

i cannot really pay for a domain, i need to embed it.

Uhm, you can just use the domain. I did that for a few days until Glitch activated my custom domain (

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lemme try

Uhm, in the comments it says that i’ve got an incorrect password/email, but when i log in to the dashboard it logs me in succesfully, you should fix that!

I didn’t make commento, I just make the Glitch starter kit.

hmm, wierd.

Your best bet is just to learn sql:


well you’re going to need some way to get those arrrays from one computer to another. they don’t just appear on every computer like a scratch global variable

you can save them into cookies with JSON.stringify but a user would only be able to see their own comments.

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That’s cool, i could make a notes page where you save your notes

You would only have 4kb of storage for that


IndexedDB to the rescue!

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@khalby786 does indexed databases clear along with cookies?

It’s also worth noting if some one where to clear their browsing history that the cookies will be deleted. It’s like fresh cookies being thrown out the window. But it’s a lot worse.

smart humans can uncheck the clear cookies and browsing data when clearing their history lol.

Let me test that indexeddb thing

So, I just checked in the “clear cookies” button and the indexedDB example i was looking at was cleared. So I guess it does…