"Save" keyboard shortcut feedback



I love Glitch!
I use it very often, but coming from Sublime, I find myself automatically pressing 'Command + s" to save my file even though Glitch autosaves. Autosaving from Glitch is great… but every time I press ‘Command + s’ the UI tells me to ‘Relax’ and I feel bad about myself every time, it feels dismissive or demeaning. It is also distracting.

Just wanted to send that along.
Thank you!


Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear it makes you feel that way, that was certainly not our intention and it’s the antithesis of what we’re going for with Glitch. We’ve had quite different feedback about that message before, so we’ll discuss it internally and see what we can do.



Thanks Gareth!

Yes, I figured it wasn’t what you are going for, so that’s why I mentioned it!
Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you for the reply :smiley:


Getting emotional tones right is tough sometimes - how would you feel about ‘psst’ instead of ‘relax’ in this scenario?


I personally would feel much, much better, yes!
The connotations, in my personal experience, with ‘Relax’ are mostly negative.

I understand that it is so hard, of course.
It’s just that it happens on glitch every time I ctrl-s, which is very often, so it’s such a repeat occurrence and distraction that I thought it was worth reporting.

Thank you!


You could do this:

Glitch autosaves :relieved:

(relieved emoji)


I like this.

Maybe you could randomly pick from several emoji, like :raised_hands::pray::sunglasses:


I also feel that when people tell me to “Relax” it gets the opposite reaction.

I would appreciate just a “high score” where Glitch tells me how many times I would’ve saved, had it not been autosaving.


hah i’m always in favour of another random emoji picker, but for now, I’ve just pushed a quick fix to change it to the aforementioned ‘psst’. (should be live in 5 mins) Let me know if it helps irl.


I’ll check it out today/tomorrow, thank you!