'Save Later' or 'Favorite' feature?

Sorry if this was already asked/submitted but can I request a favorite or save feature for certain projects? would make for a more organized UX. thanks!

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we have bits of that implemented already but we’re working on trying to figure out the best way to expose that functionality. Can you let us know a bit more about how you’d use?

how are you finding the projects you’d like to bookmark? (through the community site? direct links on social media?)

also, would you use favorites as a way to bookmark projects to reference later or for some other purpose?


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Right on! So when get on Glitch and look at the featured apps or ‘community picks’ (usually the later) I would like to bookmark/save for later from there. I would personally use favorites as a reminder to look back at later (i do this exact use case on Product Hunt for products that I would consider looking at later on). Hope that answered your questions…

yup that’s perfect thanks! We had liking projects as a thing inside the actual editor but it felt not quite right and wasn’t used much so I deprecated it. Eventually I want to bring it back, but as a feature on the community site. Which is where looking over your fav’ed projects will also live.

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One side question and sorry for multi-threading: How do i find people to collaborate get help on projects? Thanks

currently you’ll need to invite in someone you already know. Some people have linked to their glitch projects for specific programming questions on stack overflow.

we’re looking at ways to make this common problem a lot easier right now actually :slight_smile:


Interesting. Totally makes sense for now. In the future, a social API for contacts to follow would be cool (via a twitter or facebook login). I’m sure all of this has been discussed!

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Bumping for interest. I was looking for a way to “star” or “favorite” projects for later use, instead of creating a whole new project as a remix. Is this still being considered?

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