Scaledrone Chat

Here is a good tutorial for anyone who needs a chat. Be sure to make a scaledrone account and create a chanel ID!
Tutorial link: JavaScript chat room tutorial
Github link:

Sorry for the weird text I guess thats what it does when you press enter

Thanks for showing us this awesome tutorial! I’ve moved this to the #tutorials category for you.

but can you solve my problem? did you even read the big paragraph?

You didn’t describe a problem, unless it’s that block of code

Did you change the channel ID? Other users may be on that same channel.

Dude… NO I did I coded something just for my friends and other peopleare on it

how do I get another channel ID?

This is a block of code

Learn more about it here

I know dude

Apparently not, I said “unless that problem is described in that block of code” and you said “NO”

oh sorry yes it is I thought you said it was that block of code

Do you have an account with scaledrone?

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no… do i need one

Yes. Most services require it.

ok getting one now…

sorry for being mean earlier

Well, you wasn’t being mean

IT worked! thanks so much