Scaling up (dealing with high QPS)


Hello members,

I recently started using Glitch to setup a Facebook messenger bot and loved the experience with Glitch!

My Facebook messenger bot is setup and working being hosted on Glitch, but I was thinking, would Glitch have problems with high QPS? Is there a way to scale up if it becomes necessary?



You’ll hit our request limit ( before this becomes an issue. If you do, let us know and we can help you out.


Hi Gareth,

I am wondering what the policy is on running “production” services (so to speak) on Glitch. For example, what would you do if someone wrote an HTML5 game, hosted it on Glitch and it went viral (like with the game “2048” with millions of monthly active users which was hosted on Github pages -



We want you to be as successful as you can with your creations. So the request limits we have in place are really only there to stop projects accidentally or deliberately impacting the quality of service other users have. But if your project takes off, we’re more than happy to remove those limits and help make sure your end-users have a great experience too.


Ok, thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile: