Script.js not recognizing functions from other files

I’m building a game on a static site with Phaser 3 and any functions or variables from other files are not recognized as defined. Even though the files have all been linked with scriped tags in the HTML file, before the main script.js, it’s not recognizing anything declared in another file.

Hi there - can you share the name of the project so we can see what’s going on?

Link is Glitch :・゚✧, if you run it and go to scipts/general/script.js you can see the errors, even though all of these functions are declared in other files. Sorry if the code and files are messy, I’m terrible at writing clean code. Thanks!

posting not for an answer, but to let you know that you can use the Prettier button on the top to make your code look better.

I know, I can go through and do that give me 1 sec

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