Search bug: "flickr" finds "flicker"

which means I cannot find only “flickr” results :frowning:

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Well, it’s not really a bug, it’s called fuzzy search. It uses a regular expression of some sort to search for matching titles. hence /[flickr]/ matches flicker, you will also receive results for flicker.


Yes, I understand that is what is happening.

For me, it is a bug. I search for X. It shows results for Y. Broken.

In technical terms a bug is when an unexpected behaviour occurs. Hence this isn’t an unexpected behaviour it’s not a bug, rather an annoyance.

However, can you try to search more specific for something?


Flickr is a real thing. Your suggestion is not helping :sob:

not broken, search for regex…

Basically ^flickr$

If this is not using regex it is probably using a summarized search, meaning your left for dead lol :stuck_out_tongue: