"search files" bug and fix


there is a bug with the search files feature (ctrl+shift+f) which will cause it to fail if there is any file with a space in its name.
this is due to the xargs portion of the executed search command, which doesn’t like spaces in filenames.

a solution would be to specify a delimiter. so instead of
git ls-files | egrep --invert-match 'shrinkwrap.yaml|*.min.*|.glitch-assets' | xargs grep --ignore-case --line-number --include '*' 'test'
the command would be
git ls-files | egrep --invert-match 'shrinkwrap.yaml|*.min.*|.glitch-assets' | xargs -d '\n' grep --ignore-case --line-number --include '*' 'test'
(note the xargs -d ‘\n’)

this is a bit less than trivial to hotfix with userscripts, so i thought i’d mention it here!

thanks :blush:

Thanks for the report, @torcado! We’ll take a look!