Search on project descriptions

I was using the search functionality on the glitch home page to see if I could find a project with certain technology. I could be wrong, but it seemed that search was searching project names, but not the project descriptions. I think this would be very useful. So product suggestion :slight_smile:

hey kunicki,

Yup this is definitely on the list as something we will fix (project search was actually built before projects had descriptions :slight_smile: )

We just pushed an update so now search results check project descriptions, hope this helps!

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Thank you. This is great!

Keep up the good work!

I wonder if it would be useful to either add advanced search options, or just expand which files are being searched by default.

For example, this shows 0 results:

I’m working on a personal starter project that happens to use gulp, but it’s not mentioned in the project name or description.

The project is meant to be my own starter project that I want to maintain only for myself and don’t necessarily care to make it easy to be discovered.

Or for a more general situation, I might be interested in how a specific node module is used on Glitch, but people don’t usually list every single dependency in the project’s description.

One solution would be including README files, or perhaps even package.json.

We plan a number of improvements to search soon. Your suggestions might not be in the next round, but be assured it’s definitely the direction we’re heading.

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