Search working locally, not importing on Glitch?

Hi! @tylarcam and I are on a team making a search bar that works perfectly locally on our computers. However, when we copy and paste the same code onto Glitch, it doesn’t seem to work at all? Our prof is not sure what the problem might be, so we were wondering if someone from Glitch might know?

(He may have been trying to comment things out in the code to try to problem solve.)

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 13.27.23
Make sure that you’ve actually got the /data/list.json file and it’s in the right directory.

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Oh wow, thank you for catching that! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem to get our fuzzy search working.

Can you record a video of what the project is suppost to do?

The search is working, thank you for your reply though!

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