SearchIt: A search engine built with Glitch

So, I built a search engine. It’s real. It crawls the web and fetches metadata about a page and stores it, allowing you to search for it later. No APIs, just Glitch. it uses your browser to search through the data as using Glitch would be memory/CPU intensive.

I’m using some package (forgot name) and metadata does not only have to from from Metatags. For example, does not have any metatags, but the engine is still able to get metadata from it.

Try it out at:
You can submit your site at: Wait about 10 seconds and try searching for it.

The search engine skips webpages without a title.

This is the search snippet I used, but made a bunch of modifications.


Well done! What about allowing all sites to be crawled?


Cool! Is this boosted somehow?

Please add a filter to the submit page. I was easily able to add “unprofessional” website to the DB.

What do you mean?

I am not going to go too deep in, but there are some, questionable sites that have already been added.

So FurAffinity?

No, I mean like 18+.

Oh… I see…

Website crashed…

this is my school pc btw

aboutDavid said it was under maintenance apparently


So I added a filter, so I had to wipe the database.

Hopefully searches will be shorter as I added caching and database compression

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18+ content?

Can you add this to github? I’d like to add a flag feature to remove inappropriate urls.


If you submit a URL, please add https:// or http:// to the beginning of it. Otherwise, the engine won’t fetch it.

If your site shows up and it has no description, please add metatags to your site. You can generate them easily here.


Should I restrict SearchIt to only * sites?
  • Yes
  • No

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Fun fact: going to shows all the websites.