Secure Websocket Server in Glitch Project?

I’m trying to set up a express-fronted project that will require both a websocket server (just using the node ws module) and ssl (because we’re using secure-context-only Web APIs). That means that we need our websocket server hosted as SSL so we don’t get mixed content errors.

My understanding is that the * domain will proxy 80/443 to the express server on port 3000, but what method should I use for hosting the ssl cert on the express server so I don’t get security problems on the websocket forwarding? Will the proxy automatically accept self-signed certificates?

You can add a websocket handler, enabling it to run on the same port as your HTTP(S) requests - see

I already had a websocket handler, running ws and express. The problem was that I was trying to access the websocket securely (wss://) but it wasn’t working.

I revisited the problem this morning, setting up the server as unsecure (ws://) then running the client through the front end (wss:// and that actually seemed to work fine when accessing the project over https, so I’m back in business. Thanks!

Pleased to hear it. Out of interest, which handler were you using? Thanks.