Seeking advice on recommending without appearing to promote it for money

Hey fellow Glitchers! :star2:

I wanted to get your input on something that’s been on my mind. Lately, some of my classmates have been reaching out to me for help with coding and programming, and I always recommend as a great resource. However, I’m worried that my recommendation might come across as me trying to make money through affiliate linking instead of genuinely trying to help. :thinking:

So, I wanted to ask: how do you all frame your recommendations for without sounding like you’re hocking something for money? :moneybag: I truly believe that is an amazing platform for new programmers and coders, and I want to share that with others without any ulterior motives.

It’s been really rewarding to see my classmates thank me for introducing them to, and I want to continue spreading the word without any skepticism. :heart_eyes: I’ve found that is a powerful tool in showing people that programming doesn’t have to be intimidating or exclusive to a certain group of people. :computer:

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on recommending to others. Thanks in advance for your input! :pray:

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Hi @Glitch-Anomaly!
I also recommend Glitch a lot to my colleagues - it is certainly an awesome tool, and very simple to use! Also tons of websites from google to duckduckgo use Glitch.

I don’t think people recommending Glitch can sound like hooking up something fot money. Glitch doesn’t have an affiliate program, and even if it had you’re saying “” not “”.

I think it works to write “(no affiliation)” inside the post. Not sure about when you mention it verbally lol. Thoughts and prayers to people who have real-life friends who do programming.


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