Selam. glitch destekliyormu?

glitch destekliyormu?

I believe that the command line tools are installed on container terminals (run dotnet) and there was an example of this floating around, I will post it here once I find it.

Birde sormak istedi─čim bir┼čey daha var. Glitch.json ne i┼če yar─▒yor?

Glitch.json is a file used by Glitch to control what languages are installed in a project.

Peki bunla ilgili anlat─▒c─▒ bir makale varm─▒?

Do you mean is there any official Glitch docs?

Dok├╝man varm─▒ yani dedi─čin gibi. Evet.

No, Glitch doesnÔÇÖt have official docs about non-javascript projects. They do have some notes on official projects however:

Sa─čol dostum. Bana yard─▒m etti─čin i├žin.

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Anytime, happy glitching!