Send me your projects for a YouTube video!

Hello Glitch!

For a video, I am going to be viewing and testing out Glitch community projects. If you would like to participate, send your project (or discord bot invite link) to me here:



when is the due date @RiversideRocks?

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Tomorrow, 9am EST

Could you send it in the contact form so I can have them all grouped together?

sure thing!

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Umm can I quickly make an intro for it possibly(might need to postpone the video one day)
I had a really intresting idea involving minecraft(which you might not notice) and glitch might get annoyed that i’m viewing so many projects at once

It would be appreciated it everyone could send links to their projects in this thread or i can just find them. Also glitch, if you see a sudden spike of awake projects around this hour that’ll be from me.
P. S. I can reply to myself which is funny

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Thank you so much to everyone who send in their website! The video is up now, check it out:



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