Sendgrid Inbound Parse Webhook in loop

Hey there!
I am using Sendgrid to setup emails on a custom domain and Inbound Parse Webhook keeps getting in a loop and sending all the emails out multiple times and it won’t stop!
Here’s the config:

And the code:"/incomingmail",(req,res)=>{
  var from = req.body.from;
  var text = req.body.text;
  var subject = req.body.subject;
  var num_attachments = req.body.attachments;
  var i
  for (i = 1; i <= num_attachments; i++){
    var attachment = req.files['attachment' + i];
    // attachment will be a File object
                  async function main(){
                let transporter = nodemailer.createTransport({
                  host: '',
                  port: 587,
                  secure: false,
                  ignoreTLS: true,
                  auth: {
                    user: "apikey",
                    pass: process.env.EMAILPASS
                  // send mail with defined transport object
                let info = await transporter.sendMail({
                  from: 'My Email <>',
                  replyTo: from,// sender address
                  to: "",
                  subject: subject+" | New Contact Message", // Subject line
                  html: text

Anyone know what’s up here?

For reference:

tmw the guy who answers everyone’s questions asks his own questions and no one answers.

Just kidding. The only thing I can think of is the value of num_attachments is either a non-number variable or a massive number. Can you log num_attachments and see how big it is?

Edit - sorry, I don’t think the loop has anything to do with it. Did you check out the nodemailer docs?
Also how do you add custom tags? I’ve never been able to do it…


All my other nodemailer functions work fine except for this webhook thing

I’m assuming you mean for this topic. You need to be a Regular (TL3) user

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I see.

This might be unrelated to your problem, but the function is missing a matching curly brace after (req, res)=>{ - there isn’t a matching one in the code block you pasted.

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Sorry my bad. Mustn’t had copied it in

Found out the reason was that I didn’t send a response back. So SendGrid saw the No Response Error and sent the POST request again until it got a response.
My bad :man_facepalming: :slight_smile:

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