Sending an array to user

Hello! I’ve tried to find out my problem in Internet, but I haven’t find any solution right for my case of problem…
I wanted to send an array to user, for example, to give him an opportunity to choose something.
I wrote some tests. Here’s the code (without pics, because I’m a new user):
var test_mas = [1,2,3]
if (test_number === “14”) {
console.log("\x1b[32m—Test Number 14—\x1b[0m");${test_mas})
if (test_number === “15”) {
console.log("\x1b[32m—Test Number 15—\x1b[0m");
test_mas.forEach( (num) => {
if (test_number === “16”) {
console.log("\x1b[32m—Test Number 16—\x1b[0m");

And here’s the result:

It’s saying Cannot send an empty message, but it’s actually sending messages, and there was an “forEach” try, which said the same
Help please, I don’t know how to solve it

let content = test_mas.join(','); // 1,2,3
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Okay, I’ve just understood that my error was not in the tests… Okay, Sorry

No problem. We are here to help!

Ask if you need help :slight_smile: