Sending e-mails in Glitch


Hi, I’m my project I want to be-able to send a “Thank you for creating an account” email. How do I achieve this

I want the email to be Any ideas?? I tried running a STMP server but that failed to listen on a port.


Hello, currently Glitch only allows port 3000, which your project can use as a web server, however you can use node-mailer to send mails from a google mail account, zoho mail account, or outlook mail account. It can also be configured to send mails from any other service too.


We recommend you use a third-party mail provider. Mailgun for example has a generous free plan.


I just starting working on a little project here to send e-mails. :grinning:

I recommend nodemailer and sendgrid. It wasn’t horrible to set up, and there is a lot of documentation.



Thanks for the info about Glitch only allowing port 3000.


For anyone else coming here because they just want to send a darn email already: has a free plan with 100 emails per day “forever” that’s ridiculously easy to sign up for. It’s the “Trial 40k” plan (the default). Create an API key under Settings → API Keys in the sidebar (you can also just follow the setup guide for Web APIs), and plug it into the .env of this handy Glitch project you can remix:!/sendgrid-quickstart

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction folks.