Server download speed and .data


Here i am again for questions. I am retrieving some data from firebase database. However, the data is quick huge (about 40MB). May i know the download speed allocated for each project in glitch? My project actually crashed halfway it is downloading and i dont know why since it keeps on reconnecting and failed. I tried retrieving smaller data and it works so it should be something to do with the storage or downloading side.

For the .data folder, according to this thread:

.data is hidden and will disappear until the project goes to sleep. Does this means the file is deleted or it is still there? If im not mistaken, glitch has only 128MB for each user? Will this be affected?

The filesystem is persistent, so the data is preserved between sleeps, it’s just not shown in the editor but is still available programmatically. It will count towards your quota, which yes, is 128MB. That’s per project, not per user.

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