Server Issues | Code Not loading


I’m getting server issues and my profile and nothing’s loading.



the project is still up i believe its just the code not loading


Definitely very strange. Did you check proxy/firewall/internet connection, or try using another browser? I’ve had issues with ad blockers or anti-tracking extensions stopping stuff from loading. If you shared it with others you can ask someone to look at it to see if its a problem on your end. You can also try an online proxy to load it, just search “online proxy” and find one you like


I think my internet is fine. It’s been like this for like half an hour already.

but im still getting this


Ok. Idk what to do… I have glitch open rn and everything is responding like normal. Restart your computer? It looks like your internet is fine because you have a bunch of tabs open. It might be glitch-side error or some connection error on your part. You could also just wait a few hours and try again.


It’s working now suddenly :joy: Thank you! I was gonna wait it out, Ithink it was just a server error


lmao wow. As all the developer-oriented websites say, happy coding!


If this happens again, it might be useful for us to know what happens if you try to load from a different network (like from your phone, if it has a browser) or if you see any errors in your browser’s console.